Calzanetto Proplanet Standard Suede

Revitalizing treatment for suede and nubuck

Codice: SC12 - Barcode: 8004235002442

Size 12,7x7x4,5


For a gradual release, a more uniform distribution on the treated surface, longer life,maximum effectiveness!

The sponge for cleaning and restoring shoes in suede, nubuck, alcantara, etc., without colour problems.


This product is also available in black, brown, neutral, for impregnated leather and skins and white coating.

Take the sponge from the cardboard box without throwing it away (it will be useful in the future for keeping the product properly and recognizing it immediately). Remove the sponge from the transparent tray and brush the suede while applying medium pressure if there is caked mud or congealed dust, or light pressure when you only wish to raise the coat or dust the shoe. 

Suede, nubuck, alcantara.

Smooth or polished leather, glazed, brushed, hammered/printed/kip, untreated light leather, nappa, reptile. 

Code: SC12 
Barcode: 8004235002442 
Packaging: cardboard counter display unit 
Packaging dimensions: 13,5x28,5xh.15 
No.pieces: 12 

Operating principe

The soft expanded polymer allows Calzanetto Suede to remove caking and dust from suede and nubuck; at the same time as it raises the coat it permits the restoration of the original colour and allows the surface to breathe. 

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