Deisa Ebano has always been perceived by the consumer as a serious company, attentive to quality and to the constant pursuit of a balanced "quality-price" ratio. Our company operates in complete respect for mankind, animals and the environment. Our philosophy is to focus on the research and constant renewal which have made Ebano a benchmark company, one which over these years has given life to products that combine high performance with effective utilization. For over 80 years, the Ebano brand has been a synonym for a guarantee which represents the best friend for your home, the best care for your footwear and your best ally in the defence against insects of every kind. Ebano's chemistry is an effective chemistry but, at the same time, it is safe, and it respects the environment, human beings and the animal kingdom. It is friendly chemistry which cares for, protects and defends and which translates into the art of refreshing and perfuming, of correcting the smallest imperfections, of restoring, and of making in-depth cleaning and brilliance a clear objective. For this reason we can affirm with absolute peace of mind that Ebano produces and supplies a true and effective COSMETIC LINE FOR THE HOME and FOR FOOTWEAR. 

In line with the primary target of protection, defence and safeguarding, the Zig Zag range of insecticides acts as a real BODYGUARD against all insects. 



Ebano - Cura Calzature, Insetticidi e Linea Cosmetica per la Casa

Deisa Ebano s.p.a.

Via Collamarini, 27
40138 Bologna (BO) - Italia
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