Calzanetto Proplanet Cream White Tube

Nourishing and polishing treatment for leather

Codice: DCN11 - Barcode: 8004235000707

Content 50 ml.

Size 5,0x16,0x3,5


It is a shoe cream with a basic formula from 1926 that retains most of the ingredients from that era. The best care for your shoe leather. It protects and nourishes in depth, thanks to Almond Oil and natural waxes such as Carnauba and Montana. Tints and restores the surface, thanks to stable and lasting coloring substances, obtained through complex organic syntheses. Polishes and waterproofs thanks to refined silicone oils.

Distribution channel: G.D., D.O., NORMAL TRADE 


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Remove any dirt present, apply a small amount of Upper Shoe Cream to the brush, then distribute it evenly over the leather of the shoe. Leave on for a few minutes, and then rub vigorously with a clean cloth. Your shoes will be more beautiful than the day you bought them!

White leather shoes, bags and accessories

Different skin from the color shown, suede, nubuck, synthetic velvet, alcantara, peccary, patent leather, leather, nappa leather, soft leather or vegetable tanned.

Code: DCN11
Barcode: 8004235000707
Packaging: heat-shrunk, carton 
Packaging dimensions: 10,2x10,5x16,2 , 21,7x12,1x17 
No.pieces: 6 - 12 

Operating principe

The solvents present in the formula help waxes and water to penetrate inside the fibers of the skin to nourish and hydrate it better and then evaporate. Once the surface has been treated, it should be left to rest for a few minutes in order to "metabolize" the nourishment. Vigorously rub the treated surface with a clean cloth to remove the product that has not been absorbed and give the skin appropriately "refreshed", protection and the expected shine.


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