Calzanetto Proplanet Plus with Neutral Lanolin

Leather polishing, softening and moisturizing treatment

Codice: 1P - Barcode: 8004235001544

Size 12,7x7,0x4,5


For a gradual release, a more uniform distribution on the treated surface, longer life,maximum effectiveness!

The sponge that combines the extraordinary polishing power of its refined silicone oils and the softening and nourishing power of lanoline, a waxy substance traditionally used in cosmetics to make the skin softer, moisturized, resistant and protected. Good waterproofing power. For leathers of any colour.

Notes: The first and unequalled (over 60% market share). The most widely distributed. Product synonym. The only one with lanolin. Greater consistency of the matter released. Smooth grip that does not scratch the shoe. 

Distribution channel: D.O., NORMAL TRADE 


This product is also available in brown, suede, black and for impregnated leather and skins.

Take the sponge from the cardboard box without throwing it away (it will be useful in the future for keeping the product properly and recognizing it immediately). Remove the sponge from the transparent tray and pass it over the shoe leather with medium pressure. The shoe will become clean, softer, shiny and protected immediately. 

Smooth leather, polished leather, brushed, eco leather. 

Suede, kip, untreated light, nappa, nubuck, peccary, alcantara. 

Code: 1P 
Barcode: 8004235001544 
Packaging: cardboard counter display unit 
Packaging dimensions: 14,3x15,4x28, 
No.pieces: 12 

Operating principe

Calzanetto leather polishing softening and moistening treatment which acts thanks to the gradual release of the refined blend of silicone oils and lanolin contained in the sponge. With one quick caress and without scratching the leather, Calzanetto Plus cleans, moisturizes and polishes footwear and accessories of all colours instantly thanks to its smooth grips. 

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