Ebano Pelle

Neutral waterproofing

Waterproofing for suede, canvas, skin and leather

Codice: F05B - Barcode: 8004235001520

Content 200 ml.

Size 5,7x11,0x5,7


Waterproofing spray for shoes, bags and other suede, skin, leather and canvas objects. Protects the treated surface from stains. 

Notes: The active principle is contains makes the treated surface waterproof for several hours after application and, when used regularly, makes the shoe resistant to dust, mud and dirt in general. 

Respect the environment: Does not contain gases and propellants that are damaging for the ozone layer. 

Distribution channel: G.D., D.O., NORMAL TRADE 


This product is also available in black, brown, dark brown and bleu.

After brushing the object to treat, apply the product while keeping the can at a distance of about 20-25 cm, and distribute in an even manner. 

Skin, suede, leather, eco leather, canvas, nubuck.

Code: F05B 
Barcode: 8004235001520 
Packaging: carton 
Packaging dimensions: 23,6x17,6x18,2 
No.pieces: 12 

Operating principe

Solution containing an active principle that is not soluble in water and waterproofs the surface when applied appropriately. 

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