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Ebano, Calzanetto and Zig Zag - Italian Heart since 1926

We did this for us.

We are the ones who have had the good fortune of having been able to work almost always, sometimes with a little anxiety, others with a bestial fear but always with full compliance with the prescribed rules;

We are the ones who, despite things not going just like before, continue to believe in it big, to work hard for a real recovery and this is also thanks to you who, like us, are doing everything!

We are also the ones who at 6 pm waited for the numbers with folded hands or fingers crossed (depending on the belief); who in front of certain images could not restrain the emotion or anger ...

Finally, we are the ones who discovered the wonder of the gift of a few extra hours dedicated to those who usually cannot receive it ...

We are us, but we are also you! "We" should be the watchword for the "rebirth" because only together, all of us, will we be able to do it. Thanks again and forward (with the necessary distances, however :)).

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