Zig zag

Zig Zag Ratt Baits Kit

Baits ready for use in a safety container

Codice: 438 - Barcode: 8004235004385

Content 2 Baits each of 20 gr.

Size 9,6x3,2x15,4


Rodenticide Baits Kit Ready to use, very easy to use and position.

  • Maximum comfort and safety: you do not need to touch the bait.
  • Maximum attraction: thanks to the powerful formula, effective on all species of rodents.
  • Patented design to facilitate the entry and consumption of the bait to the rodent.
  • With Amaricante: Safe for children and pets.
  • Odorless, it does not drip, it does not dirty
  • It resists moisture
  • Exterminate the entire colony

Guaranteed efficacy!

Open the side seals and place the Kit where necessary.

No need to handle the bait!

Inside and around buildings

Code: 438
Barcode: 8004235004385 
Packaging: carton 
Packaging dimensions: 10x40,6x16,8
No.pieces: 2 Baits each of 20 gr.

Operating principe

2 Paraffin baits (20gr Cad) based on Brodifacoum (25PPM) in ready-to-use safety container 

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