Zig zag

Zig Zag Specialist Flycatcher

Double-sided strip with high quality glue and super attractive food

Codice: 555 - Barcode: 8004235005559

Content Exhibitor with No. 100 Moschicidal Strips

Size 5,1x2,2x2,2


Adhesive strip with high quality glue and super attractive food.

  •      Without insecticide
  •      Not toxic
  •      For interior and exterior
  •      Calibrated Viscosity for Easy Extractability

In low temperatures, slightly lower the bushing between the hands before pulling the strip. Pull the red ribbon by slowly pulling the strip up. Hang the strip to a nail or use the dot provided on the cover of the compass. Replace the strip when the glue is no longer active or if the strip is completely covered with flies

For Interior ed Exterior

As this is a non-toxic eco-friendly product there are no limits to its use! 

Code: 555
Barcode: 8004235005559
Packaging: Carton 
Packaging dimensions: 11,6x12x23,5
No.pieces: N.1 Expo with 100 pcs

Operating principe

The flies are attracted towards the preglued strip. When they rest on it, they remain trapped. 

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