Zig zag

Zig Zag Insecticide Bait for Ants Specialist

Trap ready for use with antkiller gel bait - 10 g

Codice: 723S - Barcode: 8004235007232

Content Hard plastic box with 10 gr. bait

Size 7,5x1,8x7,5


Hard plastic trap ready for use, with 10 g gel bait containing an attracting agent and antkiller. Safe for children and pets. Odourless, it does not drip or soil. Destroys the entire colony in 24 hours. 

Notes: The hard plastic box ensures the safety of children and pets as it prevents them from coming into contact with the active principle. The single-trap sales unit means that those who only need one trap can spend less (with lower cash needs). The main competition sells 2-piece blisters. 

Distribution channel: G.D., D.O., NORMAL TRADE 

Break the three premade strips by pulling towards the outside of the trap to let the ants get in. Place the product along the tracks of ants, along walls, and at the entrances of their nests. Replace the trap after 15-20 days if necessary. 

Along the walls, along the habitual path of ants, at the entrance of anthills. 

Foods and containers for food. 

Code: 723S
Barcode: 8004235007232
Packaging: Cardboard counter display unit + carton packaging 
Packaging dimensions: 18,0x13,3x17,7 
No.pieces: 24 

Operating principe

The ants enter the box attracted by the sugary product, come into contact with the bait and eat it. They have time before dying to return to the nest and contaminate the entire colony which will be destroyed in 24 hours. 


A Medical Product. 

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