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Zig Zag Insettivia! Citronella Wipes

20 Citronella Wipes. Body protection against insects for the open-air life.

Codice: 735 - Barcode: 8004235009649

Content 100 ml.

Size 10,5x 18x2,5


Practical and fluffy wipes that caress skin protect it from annoying mosquitoes and insects. They contain Essential Oils of Citronella and Geranium, for natural protection. Also suitable for children's skins.

Notes: More practices than the spray, always ready for use. In each envelope the quantity of wipes is superior to the competition (which usually only has 15 pcs.)

Respect the environment: It is a natural product that contains no harmful substances for humans and the environment.

Distribution channel: G.D., D.O., NORMAL TRADE 

Lift the adhesive tab and pull out a wipes from the envelope. Pass the wipe on the skin, carefully avoiding areas around your mouth and eyes. Carefully close the package, avoiding the evaporation about the essences contained in the package. Being a natural product, the application should be repeated at least every 2 hours.

On uncovered parts of the body. Also suitable for the delicate and sensitive skins of children. 

Do not apply on scratched skin or wounds. 

Code: 735 
Barcode: 8004235009649 
Packaging: Counter display unit + carton packaging 
Packaging dimensions: 38,6x14,8xh.13,8 
No.pieces: 12 

Operating principe

Essential Java Citronella oil has an attractive perfume for humans but it is very unattractive for insects and especially for Mosquitoes which are annoyed by it and avoid it. 

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