Zig zag

Zig Zag Anti Mite and Bed Bug

Insecticide - Acaricide

Codice: 624 - Barcode: 8004235006242

Content 300 ml.

Size 5,2x24


Insecticide - Acaricide Aerosol for domestic use effective against dust mites, bed bugs, fleas of dogs and cats in the environments where they stay.

Distribution channel: NORMAL TRADE 

Shake well before use: keep the can upright and press the button, directing the spray into the environment, away from people and animals. The product can be distributed in the presence of insects to be fought in environments or on surfaces frequented by them. For normal sized environments, do not exceed 4-5 seconds.

Keep the premises closed for 10-15 minutes. Avoid wetting surfaces. Do not spray directly on valuable surfaces. In case of delicate fabrics, try first in a hidden corner. Do not use the product in excessive quantities or for improper applications.

In environments or on surfaces frequented by them.

Keep away from food and drink. Do not contaminate other crops, foods, drinks, vessels intended to contain or waterways. 

Code: 624 
Barcode: 8004235006242
Packaging: Carton 
Packaging dimensions: 23,2x16,7x25,5
No.pieces: 12 


Medical Surgical Device

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