Zig zag

Zig Zag Pantry Safe Pheromone Trap

Trap for food moths

Codice: 601 - Barcode: 8004235006013

Content 2 pc pack

Size 12,5x15,8x0,7


Pre-glued adhesive trap with a specific pheromone which attracts food moths. Pack with 2 traps for hanging. Without insecticide, it is the cleanest, safest and natural manner for preventing and solving the problems of infestation by food moths. 

Notes: Boosted by an optical lure. It has a large gluey surface. 

Respect the environment: A natural and non-toxic product 

Distribution channel: G.D., D.O., NORMAL TRADE 

Place the trap on a door or wall of the larder (but always vertically) by means of the adhesive strip on the rear, provided that the surface is smooth and clean. Do not attach to the ceiling. Activate the trap be removing the protective film. Replace after 90 days, or earlier if it fills excessively with moths. 

Larders and places where flour, bread and derivatives, pasta, biscuits, cereals, beans, rice, cocoa, dried fruit etc. are stored. 

As this is a non-toxic eco-friendly product there are no limits to its use! To not hang the trap from the ceiling of the larder or larder cupboard, as it would soon fall! 

Code: 601 
Barcode: 8004235006013 
Packaging: Counter display unit + carton packaging 
Packaging dimensions: 15,5x18x10,5 
No.pieces: 12 

Operating principe

The specific pheromone for food moths, clearly visible in the centre of the gluey surface, attracts and captures the male of the species and, as a result, prevents the fecundation of the females and the proliferation of these insects in the larder. 


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