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Odour Dissolver

Spray deodorant for rooms

Codice: 330 - Barcode: 8004235000608

Content 300 ml.

Size 5,2x23,4x5,2


Spray deodorant delicately enriched with essences of Lemon and wild Fennel.

Notes: Contains a patented substance that effectively converts rotting molecules into healthy ones. The special dry, water-free, formula means that the product does not leave stains or haloes on fabrics and surfaces. 

Respect the environment: does not contain propellants that damage the ozone layer

Distribution channel: G.D., D.O., NORMAL TRADE 

After shaking the can thoroughly, press the distributor nozzle for a few seconds, upwards or towards the source of the unpleasant odour. Spray the product for no more that 4-6 seconds in normal environments. DO NOT exceed the indicated quantities in order to prevent accumulations of flammable gas. 


Code: 330 
Barcode: 8004235000608 
Packaging: carton 
Packaging dimensions: 21,4x24,7x17,0 
No.pieces: 12 

Operating principe

It attacks the molecules of unpleasant odours and neutralizes them totally. Scientific laboratory tests testify to its real effectiveness against odours such as frying smells, fish, etc. 

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